Scoopsix Betting Essential Guide

Scoop a fortune from a £2 bet! Available every Saturday and on selected other days, the Scoop6 is totesports millionaire-making bet. Pick the winner of the six nominated races and you’re a winner. You also get the chance to add a big money bonus the following Saturday. What’s more, the Scoop6 offers a consolations dividend if all 6 of your horses are placed.


Can you scoop a fortune? Pick the winners of 6 races! Play now for just a £2 bet!


Saturday's big TV bet! The totescoop6 pool is split into three separate funds – the win fund, the place fund and the bonus fund. To win your share of the win fund, you’ll need to pick the winner of all six totescoop6 races. If all six of your horses are placed you’ll win your share of the place fund.

All win fund winners can register to play for the bonus fund the following week. To win a share of the bonus fund, you’ll need to pick the winner of the nominated bonus race as selected by totepool.

Perm your selections! You can pick as many horses in each race as you wish but remember that the more horses you pick, the more your bet will cost. Learn more

There have been some changes to the UK’s favourite bet! From Saturday 20th September 2014 the totescoop6 will now be split across four different funds: win fund, place fund, bonus fund and the new starting fund. Why have these changes been made? Well, it’s simple really… nobody likes it when the Scoop6 starts from zero which is exactly why a starting fund has been added to the mix. This means there will always be a fantastic prize fund for you to win – even if someone scooped the big prize the week before!

-Every time the Scoop6 Win Fund is won, there will still be money in the pot for the following Saturday.

-The Starting Fund will build up week by week, so in a big sequence of rollovers there could be a large pot building up.

-There is no change in the deduction rate paid by the customer.

What happens if my horse is a non-runner?

If one or more of your selections
are non-runners, they will be replaced with the SP favourite. If there are joint or cofavourites,
they will be replaced with the joint or co-favourite with the lowest
racecard number.

Note that the minimum stake for a totescoop6 bet is £2 and, as with most multirace totepool bets, rollovers often occur meaning that bigger and bigger prizes can be played for.

Check for the latest rollovers!


Totescoop6 facts and figures

Totescoop6 average dividends (full 6 races 01/06/13 – 31/05/14) 
Win Fund £219,877 (won 15 times) 
Place Fund £1,013 
Bonus Fund £2,154,745 (won 3 times) 

Totescoop6 top dividends – 01/06/13 – 31/05/14 
Win Fund £1,342,600 (24/05/14) 
Place Fund £23,328.40 (21/09/13) 
Bonus Fund £5,481,763 (31/05/14) 

Totescoop6 record rollovers: 
Combined Win & Bonus Funds £16,222,560 (24/05/2014) 
Win Fund £10,740,797 (24/05/2014) 
Bonus Fund £5,481,763 (24/05/2014) 


On average tote pool betting offers 70% better value than fixed odds betting. Tote Scoopsix Bet Now!